Its funny how we essentially all feel the same way, but think that we are alone.


A very good friend of mine came with me to a weekend long self development seminar. And during one of the lunch breaks, we decided to go to a mall close by where there was a cute ‘leave a note box’ for others at a cafe. You would take a note that someone had written and leave a note for someone else to read. I’m assuming they were all positive sayings, as that was the intention of the note box. We each took a note and left one.  As we walked away, my friend asked me what I had written. I replied with “You are enough” She laughed and said she had written the exact same thing. We then had a conversation about how that seems to be the number one thing people don’t feel, like they are enough. She later found a mug that read “You are enough” and gifted it to me. It’s my favourite mug!


I truly thought that this was a “me” thing, that I was the only one who felt this way because of my past trauma and abuse. But its not the case, the majority of people feel like they are not enough.


I want to share my mantra with you that I say every day to myself, I meditate on this phrase. It really resonates with me and I hope that it will spark a mantra for you. “All is well, I am enough” Its very simple and yet very effective. So, I challenge you to come up with a little phrase or saying that you can have for yourself everyday. Recite it daily to yourself, in the mirror, in the car, on your way to work. Wherever you are and at different times of the day when you are feeling like you’re not enough. Because you are NOT alone. We all feel like this at one time or another, and its ok.


You’re worth it,