I used to suffer from mild insomnia when I was a teenager, it took me what felt like forever to fall asleep at night. But after I had my baby I had to learn to fall asleep fast, or I wouldn’t get much sleep between feedings. Since then I had done a bunch of research to see what causes insomnia. I found out that there are unfortunately several factors, and even food. What we eat before bed and even what we eat that morning can have an effect on our sleeping.

Here’s my tips to better sleep.

First, go to bed at the same time everyday, or near the same time within a half hour. My head hits the pillow by 8:30pm usually.
Get at least 7 hours sleep. Studies show that between 7-9 hours nightly is best for the body as this is your body’s recovery time, time to heal and regenerate. We want to help it out by giving it the time to do that.

Second, keep a food journal. What did you eat that day?, every little thing. I promote a food journal for everything, there is so much you can tell from it, including sleep, stress, digestion, allergies, the list goes on, but lets focus on sleep right now. Keep the journal and write how you felt, how many times you woke up in the night, and stress that occurred that day, things you thought about before you fell asleep, and when you woke up. These can all play apart in your sleep patterns. Sometimes we have allergies to food that can cause us to lose sleep, keep us awake, etc. This is super important if you want to learn the cause.

Third, have it pitch black in the room and turn the t.v off or any other electronics. This helps the body to relax and know its time to sleep. Otherwise you won’t be in a complete relaxed state to sleep, you tend to wake up more often in the night if there are any lights on. Even invest in black out curtains.

Fourth, try a hot epsom salt bath (two cups epsom salt) to relax before bed. I know I know you have probably tried it all before, but how consistent were you? Did you try it every day for a month? or even 5 nights a week for a month? Consistency is key when trying anything with your body.

Fifth, take a magnesium supplement. this can not only help you to sleep better, but also help to eliminate and regulate your digestive system.

Sixth, essential oils. I use essential oils daily and they are a game changer in many ways. Lavender, cedarwood, these are common to help you relax and sleep, you can even one up it, with adding a few drops of lavender to your epsom salt bath to help you relax deeper.

Seventh, mediation. This helps to quiet the mind and focus on your breathing. There are some great youtube videos out there for beginners to get started.

Eighth, focused breathing. I use the “Breathe” app for this. and do it twice daily. Its based on the 4-7-8 technique. Inhale for 4 seconds, hold for 7 seconds, exhale for 8 seconds. Four sets. Twice daily. It takes one minute per time. There are many studies on the benefits of using this technique other than improved sleep.

Lastly, there are a few natural things that you can try to get better sleep. One being an Acupressure mat. I use ‘Spoonk’ and love mine dearly. It’s super affordable and at the time of this writing, only cost me $45 for a combo of the mat, a travel mat and an acupressure ball. I know several people that this has helped get a better nights sleep, and some have even said it helps you to “sleep like the dead” it also increases circulation and promotes relaxation in the body, so this would make sense for sleeping.
Anyway, Here’s my affiliate link to them if you’re interested.


I know there are a lot of medications, natural and chemical that you can take, but I do advise trying alternatives to them first. And I know you have probably heard all of this before, but the journal really is the one that will show you so much more about your patterns than anything else.
If you really want to figure out why you’re having difficulty sleeping, I would truly advise doing the food journal, it will be a game changer for you. Try it and see.

Also BE CONSISTENT!  Consistency is key when trying anything new. Do 1 or 2 things different for 1 month, so you’ll be able to tell what works best for you.

You’re worth it,