Have you thought about the benefits of dry skin brushing before? And the results after 30 days?

The benefits are quite remarkable…

  1. Exfoliate the body
  2. Helps the body rid toxins
  3. Stimulates the lymphatic system
  4. Increases circulation
  5. Helps break down Cellulite
  6. Helps to unclog pores
  7. Increases cell regeneration
  8. Softer skin

Just to name a few, I mean I was sold at ‘breaks down cellulite.  Especially with spring on the horizon, I am doing this every day religiously right before I shower.  I did start out with doing this once per week, and I noticed results right away.  I then started doing it daily, and the appearance change was outstanding.

Here’s the how to:

  • Buy a good gentle dry skin brush (I prefer a round one as you make circular motions)

  • Make small circular motions upwards toward your heart.
  • Be gentle and light with the brush, no need to have a heavy hand.
  • Spend about 2-4 minutes daily.
  • Start at the feet, slow circular motions upward, or slow light upward brush strokes.
  • Start at the hands, work your way to the chest.
  • Do this daily for 30 days and reap the health promoting benefits, including helping diminish appearance of cellulite. 


Because you’re worth it.




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