My Favourite Soup.

One to the questions I get most often is “How do you have time to make healthy Vegan Suppers?”

My answer is always, “My Crockpot” It is my best friend, on busy days its my go to. I make everything in it, from Chilis to Soups to lasagnas, its the one pot exclusive.

I am a morning person, which means I do all my chores, all my workouts, cleaning, everything in the morning before work! Yup I’m an early riser and an early setter.  I still get my 8 hours sleep per night usually.

So for that, I have to prep supper in the morning, or make it fully.  Back when our son was a baby and I went to work evenings after my husband got home from his job. I would make his meals in the morning for him to heat up in the evenings.  Well he got sick of heating it up as it tasted like left overs every night.  So I got a crockpot and went to town with it.  I was still able to make meals in the morning for him and he was eating them fresh when he got home.  Win Win.  Over the years, I have learned there is not really anything you can’t throw in a crockpot that is a vegetable.  It will all taste good in the end, and when in doubt blend.

Because its winter, I’m making soups a lot, I love soup season, easy peasy all the time. And the great thing about it, is you can throw the same veggies or switch a couple up day after day with different seasons and maybe add some noodles once in a while and blend sometimes too and you have different flavours every time, crockpot makes it so easy.  Here is one of my go to’s, because I always have these ingredients on hand.


Simple Hearty Vegan Soup:

  • 1 Cup Lentil Soup mix (from the grocery store bean section)
  • 2 Medium Sweet Potatoes (chopped)
  • 7 Large Carrots (chopped)
  • 4 Celery Stalks (chopped)
  • 2 Bouillon Cubes
  • 1 Large Sweet Onion (Blend with 2 Cups water)
  • Throw all ingredients in a large crockpot
  • Cover vegetables with water
  • Cook on low for 8 – 10 hours
  • Blend All Soup Well (optional but my favourite)

Its great because it is full of protein from the lentil mix, so very filling.

The key when eating more plant based, are these three rules

  1. Keep it simple 
  2. Don’t worry about “Protein” content
  3. Salt, pepper and Garlic will make any savoury meal taste better

Truly thats it. Don’t be afraid to try something new.

Because you’re worth it.