Hiiiiiii! I have been so excited for this new website and blog to launch that we had pushed the button a little early and had some hiccups LOL all should be fixed now and I cannot wait to have you love all the wonderful posts I’m coming out with. I have them scheduled for Thursday’s so you’ll be able to implement any new ideas and tips for the weekend. So make sure you check your inbox Thursday’s for those, and add this address so you don’t miss anything 🥰 Have a beautiful week. You’re worth it,   Jackie ❤️



Hi, welcome and thank you for subscribing to my blog, I’m thrilled you’re here and hope this will be of value to you. Every week I’m going to send out a helpful email about mindset including self care strategies and nutrition tips. I’ll be switching it up a bit too. I hope you also found my favourite simple snack recipes as delicious as I do. They are packed with dense nutrition to keep you going on busy days. I’ve also got a few surprises in store for you coming soon. If you haven’t subscribed yet, be sure to do that, …

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